Is Being a Social Business Right For Your Company?

Painted Lemur Studios has a wide variety of clients, representing a diverse cross-section of business types. On the surface they look very different - different sectors, different types of customers, different product and services offerings - in both B2B and B2C. Some can easily articulate their customer’s profiles, while others have a hard time describing their typical customers due to the complexity of their offerings.

The ROI of Social

Whenever we talk to someone about adopting social for business use, one question that keeps recurring is “What is the ROI ?”. Like any investment in technology today, some sort of measurable return needs to be identified in order to justify the expenditure, so the question invariably gets asked.

The Conversation
Let’s dial the “way back machine” to 1900, when the telephone system was still in its infancy.

 “So Mr. Smith. You have witnessed the demonstration of our latest communications device. Your impression?”


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